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Steam Turbine Products

Custom-Designed Steam Turbine Products

Whether you are building a new turbine or overhauling an existing unit, Precision Profiles can manufacture the parts you need. We have design specifications for nearly all OEM steam turbines in existence today, including related turbine vane profiles. In addition, we can manufacture these products to tight tolerances, per customer specifications, more efficiently and with greater precision than our competitors. Contact us today for a free quote.

Turbine Components We Manufacture:

  • Turbine Vanes
  • Shroud Mats
  • Band Mats
  • Spacers
  • Inner Bands
  • Outer Bands
  • Locking Tabs
  • Turbine Blades

Custom-Designed Steam Turbine Products


We also stock various shapes of specialty stainless steel alloys, such as 403, 405, 410, 415, and 422 for small production run requests. Our stock includes billet, plate, and forged bars. For larger orders, please contact us for appropriate raw material lead times.